Helen Coetzee

Founder and CEO
United Kingdom

Since 1998, Helen has been growing B2B brands and communities via multi-channel and data-led marketing of events, subscriptions and memberships. Working with a multitude of organizations and serving a wide range of sectors, Helen has always based her work on the belief that combining 'art and science' in strategic and systematic way is essential for marketing success. In 2014 Helen launched MPG - a team of marketers that has grown rapidly in size and reputation to deliver high performance marketing for a range of clients globally – with direct marketing always playing a key part in the mix. MPG's direct and digital marketing capabilities, combined with strong strategic and tactical output in all aspects of marketing has powered the rapid growth of b2b media and events brands, supported professional associations in growing their membership and events and has also helped corporates attract the right audiences for their events and content marketing.

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